The long awaited PFT 2015 fly outs have been announced.

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Two Night ratings and one IR(R)

Congratulations to Jack Hough and Artur Ekert who successfully completed their Night ratings during February & March 2015.

And a second congratulations to Artur Ekert who also successfully completed his IR(R) during March.

Well done Guys!

Only 2 months in and Pilot Flight Training already have 2 new PPL holders.

Congratulations to Michael Enticott who after a couple of cancelled attempts due to weather, successfully passed his PPL skills test on 25th February 2015.

A fantastic effort, well done Michael!

Congratulations to (Mike) Y Cheung who completed his first solo flight on Monday 2nd February 2015. Well done Mike!

Mike Y Cheung Goes Solo at Pilot Flight Training, London Oxford Airport, Kidlington