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Pilot Flight Training can accommodate all your flying requirements, whether you are looking for a trial lesson, to gain your Private Pilots Licence, add on an IR(R) rating or night qualification to your EASA licence.

Learn To Fly

There are currently two recreational pilot's licences in the UK, the European EASA-PPL (A) Private Pilot's Licence and European EASA-LAPL (A) Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence. Pilot Flight Training offers training for both courses.

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The UK CAA IR(R) (IMC) Rating is a national add on rating to the EASA PPL enabling the holder to fly in more marginal weather conditions than a regular licence would allow. This rating is practically essential in the unpredictable UK weather and will afford the pilot with the confidence that, even though you may not be able to see the ground, you can still navigate along route and fly an instrument approach procedure at destination should it be required.

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Night Qualification

Experience the serene beauty and the still air of flying at night. The standard private pilot licence allows a pilot to fly half an hour before sunrise, to half an hour after sunset. The Night qualification is a addition to the EASA PPL and LAPL that enables the pilot to fly outside of these hours.

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Trial Lessons

Whether you are considering learning to fly or simply looking for a birthday gift to remember - Pilot Flight Training can provide what you are looking for. Take to the skies over beautiful Oxfordshire with a trial flight in one of our light aircraft.

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